Dear Guests,

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, some new standards have been added to our procedures implemented to achieve Selge Beach Resort & SPA certain hygiene standards based on;

• “Operational considerations for COVID-19 Management in the Accommodation Sector” issued by the World Health Organization,

• The statements and recommendations of the Turkish Ministry of Health Science Committee,

• the opinions and suggestions of local health authorities and tourism industry association.

Our Pandemic Monitoring Board established within the hotel constantly follows the agenda and developments.

Based on the determinations and suggestions of the Board, procedures and practices are updated according to new situations.

In addition, decisions are taken quickly thanks to the fast and healthy communication established within our hotels, and trainings are given about the implementation of the action plans created.

In addition to the internal audit mechanism, external audits are also effective in ensuring the continuity of the standards. Our hotel is audited and certified by;

  • Legal Audits

  • Occupational Health and Safety Audits

  • Governorate Commission Audits

  • Pool Safety Audits

  • Food safety Audits

  • Third Party Audits.


A number of additional measures have been taken to ensure that our valued guests can easily complete check in and check out procedures in a quality and hygienic way.

We will measure our guests’ body temperature with the thermometers located at the entrance doors and record the measurements. In case a negative situation is identified, the information will be shared only with the relevant person in accordance with the legislation on the protection of personal data, and the actions stated in our action plans will be taken.

Your suitcases and other items are disinfected by staff trained in this field and delivered to your rooms safely. An information leaflet regarding the measures we are implementing is provided to our guests during check in.

In order to avoid congestion during check in and check out procedures, safe waiting areas have been created within the hotel, which are arranged according to social distance rules.

Hand sanitizers are available in several points in common areas.

Our guests are given room keycards that are cleaned and sanitized beforehand. Sanitized pens and contactless POS devices (within certain limits) are available for check in procedures.


A trained team cleans our guest rooms using disposable gloves and masks. During cleaning, single-use cloths are used for each room.

Our rooms are cleaned daily and the relevant records are kept by filling in the cleaning control form by the relevant manager after the room cleaning. Items such as kettles (glasses and mixers provided in the rooms are single use), television and air conditioning remote controls, telephone, door handles in our rooms which are subject to intensive hand contact are cleaned using effective chemical sanitizers, and our rooms are sanitized with ULV fogging method.

We provide disposable guest amenities in our rooms our rooms are naturally ventilated after the cleaning process is finished. Only water bottles are put in minibars in the rooms in order to reduce contact. All textile materials used are washed for sufficient time using appropriate chemicals. Air conditioning system filters are cleaned periodically, and the records of these works are kept.


The actual capacities of food and beverage units have been reduced to half taking into consideration the safe physical contact distance required.

Our open buffet service system has been updated. The materials used in the open buffet stands are frequently replaced by new ones. Self-service will not be allowed; our staff will be constantly present in the buffets, and will provide the necessary guidance and service.

Warning lines and/or instruction boards are available in all areas to follow social distance rules.
Hand sanitizer units are available in several points at the entrances and interior areas of all our food and beverage units in a way to ensure they are close distance to any point in these units. In all Food and Beverage units, distances between tables and stools have been organized in accordance with the recommended safe distances. Self-service tea and coffee machines will not be able to be used by our guests for a certain period. All kinds of cold and hot drinks will be served by our personnel.

Tablecloths and cloth napkins will not be used, and disposable salt, pepper, sugar and napkins will be provided.

All personnel were informed about the precautions and rules taken, and required training has been given.

Our kitchens are cleaned according to the protocol prepared, inspected by the relevant manager, and records of the practices and controls are kept. Hand sanitizers are available at the entrance of the kitchens. Personnel who work in food and beverage production and presentation phase and who are in contact with food use personal protective equipment (disposable gloves and gowns, surgical masks, hair covers, shoe covers, etc.) during the work.

All our bars are sanitized at certain intervals. Optional beverage orders are served with disposable cups.

Our food engineer controls all processes.


The personnel serving our guests at the spa use disposable masks, gloves, gowns and face visors. Usage capacities of our sauna, Turkish bath and steam rooms are limited according to hygienic conditions and safe physical distance.

All textile materials used are washed for sufficient time using appropriate chemicals. All personnel were informed about the precautions and rules taken, and required training has been given. All areas where service is provided for our guests are cleaned and disinfected after each use.


Disinfectant levels of the pool waters are monitored in accordance with the criteria set in the legislation. Pool disinfectants and chemicals are administered with automatic dosing pumps in accordance with legal parameters. Measurements of levels are recorded daily by technical service staff and displayed on the boards next to the relevant pool so that the guests can see.

Social distance rules and number of users determined based on the social distance rules will be taken into consideration in swimming pools and aqua parks throughout the hotel. Chlorine level is kept between 1-3 ppm in outdoor swimming pools.

The distances between the sun loungers and sitting groups in the beach and poolside are arranged in accordance with the social distance rules.


Surfaces that are subject to frequent hand contact such as door handles, handrails, elevator buttons, power switches and POS device are frequently cleaned with disinfectants and traceability records are kept.

Hand sanitizers for personal use are available in all common areas. A sufficient number of hand sanitizers are located in a manner that they are easily accessible for our guests and employees.

Pedal waste bins have been placed in all areas for medical waste such as masks and gloves, and plans have been prepared for the disposal of waste.

Ventilation and air conditioning systems are cleaned and disinfected.

The maximum capacity of elevators is limited to i) members of the same family, or ii) four persons from the same group, or iii) maximum number of people determined according to social distance rules, and the rules are displayed visually.

Distances between seating groups in all common areas and public areas have been rearranged taking into account safe physical distances.

Hand soap, hand sanitizers and paper-tissue dispensers are contactless in all toilets. Entrance doors are kept open and disposable cloths or paper towels are used for cleaning.

All common areas are disinfected with UVL fogging.


All necessary precautions are taken for the use of the mini club and playground, and daily disinfection procedures are meticulously performed.

During the shows, seating arrangement are made by following the social distance rules.

Within the framework of the determined criteria, the fitness center shall be allocated to a limited number of users by following social distance rules and recording the number of users. Cleaning of the used areas and equipment is performed with hygienic material in accordance with the standards after each use.


The tests that should be done legally to our employees are carried out at regular intervals and are regularly monitored. Periodic information is received from the relevant employee in order to monitor the people with whom the employees live together in terms of COVID-19. Unless there is an approval from the occupational physician indicating that the relevant personnel can start working, our employees who are diagnosed with any health problem are not allowed to work. Body temperature of all employees, suppliers and service providers entering to our facilities are measured and this data is recorded. All our employees are given special training on epidemics and hygiene.

Disinfectant or antiseptic is available at the personnel entrance. All employees are provided with hand disinfection opportunity, and personal protective equipment (such as mask, surgical mask, gloves, visor) suitable for their workplace and their contact levels with the guests. The usage of this equipment is monitored. Daily cleaning and hygiene of the uniforms of the employees are performed.

Dressing rooms, showers, toilets, common eating and resting areas of the employees have been arranged in accordance with the social distance rules, and social distances are indicated with ground markings. Cleaning and disinfection of all personnel areas are performed regularly in accordance with the rules.

Each employee knows and applies the safe physical distance rule in their relations with the guests. Our employees who are in direct contact with the guests uses masks when necessary.

Guest isolation rooms have been designated where the guests that show COVID-19 symptoms can be isolated in a safe manner until the necessary doctor control and verification is provided. At this stage, necessary emergency actions will be taken under the direction of our hotel health teams and coordination of the Covid-19 Management Team and communication with authorized institutions will be ensured.


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